Old Dogs and New Tricks

We recently ran into a builder from Texas and fell deep into a critical conversation about our Rainscreen Clips™. He had come upon our enterprise by virtue of locating some Deck Clips™ that we also produce and sell.

When we offered to include a sample of our Rainscreen Clip™ system, he had no idea what we were talking about and got pretty excited when we explained the engineering behind it.He said that he’s been working in the construction industry for more than a couple years and he’s always been a big fan of the installation of furring strips behind the exterior cladding on his buildings.

This exchange has spurred hours of conversation about what just happens organically. What happens when people are left to their own resources and ability to be clever? The Norwegians who created this whole Rainscreen design were not working with architects and project managers, they just knew what they needed and devised a plan to get it.

All this talk has yielded an easily digested theory: Critical thought isn’t dead, it’s just been resting. It’s been thriving in many ways and places. And, fortunately for us, now it is wide awake and coffeed up. The stars are aligning in such a way that these practices that are beautiful, sustainable, economical and easily re-purposed are bursting like spring flowers.

There are Old Dogs down in Texas who have been using what we’re calling “New Tricks” simply because they are most often the best idea.

What better way to do the right thing for the right reason.


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