About Wood Haven, Inc.

Welcome to Wood Haven Inc., Home of The Rainscreen Clip™ and the Deck Clip™

Wood Haven, Inc. is an independent family owned business in the heart of the Midwest.  Jim Guffey, owner and founder of the company has been in the wood business since 1981.  Wood Haven, Inc. sells all species of wood, imported and domestic, as well as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber.  Wood Haven sells wood products nationwide from its location on the bank of the Delaware River in the southwest corner of the small town of Perry Kansas.Wood Haven, Inc. has adapted over the years as the industry has changed but has maintained a presence in the rural community.  For the past decade the company has been focused on providing quality building materials and innovative architectural products.Jim Guffey developed and marketed a specialty clip for securing decking.  The patented Deck Clip allows for decking to be secured to joists without any exposed screws or nails creating a very smooth and elegant surface.  The Deck Clip is extruded aluminum and works with all hardwood, redwood, cedar, and composite decking.

Our #1 Seller the Rainscreen Clip System is second to none!

The Rainscreen Clip along with pre-drilled furring strips provides a complete engineered siding system that ensures fast easy installation with a beautiful fastener free face! It is a natural, environmentally friendly, 100% de-constructible cladding choice for your home.

Where can you use the Rainscreen Clip™? Anywhere you are interested in using a rain screen type siding system!

The Rainscreen Clip system works with hardwoods, softwoods and anything in between.

The Rainscreen Clip along with the pre-drilled hardwood furring strips provides consistent repeatability and ease of installation and you have the luxury of designing around a known reveal that cannot be misaligned on the job.

We can design corner and trim boards to your liking or use standard ones. No system out there compares!

The Rainscreen Clip system includes: Specially milled lumber in a variety of species, colors and widths; pre-fabricated trim and corner boards; pre-drilled rot-resistant furring boards; marine-grade aluminum Rainscreen Clips and stainless steel screws. Pre-finished siding is available, as are FSC certified woods.

Why should I use the Rainscreen system?

  • Elegant and modern appearance with strong visual appeal.
  • Long life and durability assures that it will look beautiful for years, with little or no maintenance.
  • Easy installation with our specially milled lumber, patented hidden fasteners and pre-drilled furring strips.
  • Back-ventilated to provide rapid drying after moisture infiltration virtually eliminating cupping, twisting, and fungal growth. The system may also help reduce energy costs in the summer.
  • The versatility of Rainscreen makes it ideal for an array of applications, both interior and exterior.
  • The Rainscreen system is designed for easy deconstruction so the entire system is easily reusable.

Every System Includes:

  • 1″ x 3″ Pre-Drilled Rot Resistant Furring Boards.
  • Patented Painted Marine Grade Aluminum Rain Screen Clips & Screws.
  • Pre-Finished Rain Screen Siding In Your Choice of Lumber, Finish, Gap and Size. (FSC Certified when available)
  • Pre-Fabricated and finished Lumber for Window & Door Trim as well as other architectural millwork such as louvers and soffits are also available.

The Rainscreen Clip™ not only takes the pre-drilling out of the equation but it makes installation fast, easy, secure and invisible!

For samples, prices and more information contact Wood Haven Inc. at 1-800-545-8884 or 785-597-5618 or email therainscreensales@gmail.com

Wood Haven-We’re passionate about wood!

Thanks for choosing The Rainscreen Clip™ or Deck Clip™. We’ve worked hard to develop hidden fasteners that install fast and hold tight. I think you’ll agree – The Rainscreen Clip™ and Deck Clip™ gets the job done!

Wood Haven, Inc. a Kansas Company

Copyright © 2012 · All Rights Reserved ·  Wood Haven Inc.


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