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Comparison of Wood Rainscreens


The Rainscreen Clip System is a fully engineered, complete system for wood rainscreen cladding that provides unparalleled ease of installation.

  • The pre-drilled furring strips ensure perfect alignment.
  • Trim and corner pieces are engineered to be installed without any exposed fasteners.
  • The holes in the furring strips and the clips are drilled at a 30 degree angle so when bowed boards are encountered they are automatically pulled into alignment dramatically easing installation and reducing installation costs.

Competitor’s clips require alignment on each and every row.  This causes difficulty using any boards that are not perfectly straight.  With the competitors design, trim and corners often extend beyond the framing in the wall and then you have clips that are not securely attached to the studs.

The Rainscreen Clip System’s use of the predrilled furring strips dramaticallyreduces the number of holes in the wall envelope. Based per square and comparing other clips to the Rainscreen clip System there are 90% fewer holes in the wall envelope with the Rainscreen Clip system. Maintaining the integrity of the wall envelope by creating fewer penetrations is paramount to a good rainscreen system!

The screw holes on the Rainscreen Clip System are behind the furring strips making any moisture penetration even more difficult.

Finally – the cost. The Rainscreen Clip System with the pre-drilled furring strips adds the same cost as the other guy’s clip. The Rainscreen Clip System will save you time and money on installation and provide better alignment and a more secure building envelope.

This system does not cut corners.  This is a well designed and strong cladding system that offers a flawless finish free of unsightly screw heads.  Request a sample for your upcoming project by sending an email to therainscreensales@gmail.com

At Wood Haven, Inc. we are passionate about wood!